User Study FAQs

No, there are no such rules. However, we expect you to answer/ask any questions that might be relevant to you based on your location. The only ask is that you turn on your location service as much as possible during the duration of the study.
The application consumes minimum power and it is recommended you leave the location service on during the duration of the study. However, if you are running low and are not in a position to recharge soon, it is okay to turn it off as long as you remember to turn it on again later.
Yes, since the application communicates over the Internet. It is highly recommended that you turn on your data plan when you do not have access to wifi, especially when you are visiting places outside of the campus.
No, only answer questions that are relevant to you and you have knowledge about. You can always dismiss irrelevant questions or chose the unsure option.
The GPS location is not highly accurate and it is common for the location to fluctuate in small intervals of time. Since the application is currently still a research prototype, the accuracy has not been fine tuned and you may receive questions of places that are in your vicinity but not your exact location. For example, you are at TopShop at Vivo City but receive a question for a restaurant on another level or on the other end of the mall. In such situations, you are encouraged to answer the question if you have the time to walk to the location to answer the question, if not simply mark as unsure.
Currently, you cannot indicate your availability. We encourage you to put your notifications on silent if you are busy.
Yes, you need to be logged in for the app to work.

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