Web Search

The CloseUp Search Web search interface is a website to enable a Google-like search experience for Internet users. As such, the look-and-feel of the website is similar to the Google search engine — in fact, given a search query, it displays the top-10 results from Google. The goal is to extend this website with CloseUp-specific features to support community-driven search for live information. It’s purpose is to showcase the seamless integration of the ideas behind CloseUp in the common task of online search.

Here is the link to the website:

Here are some example queries you can try:

  • queue length brotzeit now
  • reception time v hotel
  • cha cha cha crowded
  • kfc bedok empty seating
  • nice music at seoul garden right now
  • cheap rate hotel 81 now
  • pastamania now noisy atmosphere
  • now parking spots aqueen hotel balestier

Feel free to try your own queries. Please note that this feature is currently limited to restaurants and hotels in Singapore. Also, our database of restaurants and hotels is most likely not complete and/or out of date. Once you have submitted and query and have the CloseUp mobile app installed, you should be able to see your own question on the map.

Important note: Right now, the CloseUp Web search interface is a proof-of-concept prototype. As such, it is far from being mature, and suggested places and questions might often be unexpected or even wrong. The current goal is to get some feedback one how getting live information from other users can be integrated into traditional online search.